After the 2018 album “Doppelleben”, out for Supernatural Cat, Urlo is back, ready to share the first song of the new collection that will see the light after the summer of this crazy and weird year.
“The Manure of Our Remains” says Urlo “is the last song I wrote, it’s just bass, vocals and a subtle synth and it came out just before all of this pandemic situation exploded.
I also worked on the video that is a deep tribute to our life and to how fragile we are, an homage to freedom and nature in this period in which we’re forced to stay home.
It’s a scary and weird moment we’ve never expected to live.
But it’s also an important period in which we understand better everything around and inside us, the people we really love, what really matters and what we really want and can do”.

The video has been entirely filmed and edited by Urlo, while the song has been mixed by Urlo at the Howl, with the precious help of Stefano Tocci from Ampire studio.
About the new album coming, the new song, Ufomammut and the actual situation Urlo says:
“There are moments in life when things happen unexpectedly.
Or so it seems to us.
Because we couldn't avoid them, because we couldn't see them, or maybe because we let things be.
Everything flows, as Heraclitus said, and continues to become.
We evolve, we change, and we always try to improve; to be, in every case, true to ourselves.
And this sets us free, willingly or not, of what keeps us immobile and does not let us grow.
A part of my life ends and another begins.
We built something I could not have imagined and we were something unique.
Now is the time to start again, to heal the wounds, and make them our strength.
Because everything evolves and becomes.
Transforming us once again into ourselves and, stronger than ever, into what we will be tomorrow”.

The “Manure of our Remains”  is available as a “single” on Bandcamp and it’ll be out together with an acustic version of “Blut”, from the first album of The Mon.


“This is the last track I wrote for Doppelleben album,” Urlo discloses of the song.
“It closed the album, as well as a part of my life. This song is a door dividing past from the future; it’s a very slow image of what has been and how things can suddenly change.
I think it’s the most introspective song I ever wrote.
It came out in one day; I just had to hit ‘record’ and it was done. Once finished I felt relieved, like the heavy emotional stone I had on my shoulders was gone".

The video for THE MON’s “Hate One I Hate” was directed and created by Lu, a member of the Malleus Rock Art Collective of which Urlo is also a part.

Supernatural Cat, the label formed by members of Ufomammut and the Malleus Rock Art Collective, will release Doppelleben on CD, LP, and digital formats on November 8th, the LP pressed on black 180-gram vinyl, printed with red metallic foil, including a twenty-page booklet with photos, a download card, and more.

Find preorders HERE.


THE MON, the new solo project by Urlo -- best known as the lead vocalist, bass and synth player in heavy trio Ufomammut -- officially announces its debut album Doppelleben, due for release on Supernatural Cat on November 8th.
An official video for the album’s title track has been issued through a premiere at Revolver Magazine as the artwork, track listing, and more are revealed for the first time.

‘Doppelleben’ is a German word meaning ‘double life.’
The entire album circles around this concept; the idea we become different people over time, we change, sometimes we evolve, sometimes we involve, but the flowing of time is what we have left when we face ourselves.
‘Doppelleben’ is a ‘scary’ song; very introspective. Its video is like an ouroboros; a journey that never ends, it starts again and again.

Find preorders HERE.

Also view the previously-released video for the album’s “Her” HERE and stream the previously released tracks "Relics""Souloop" and "Her"

Doppelleben Track Listing:

1. Hedy Lamarr

2. Salvator Mundi

3. Hate One I Hate

4. Blut

5. Relics

6. Soulloop

7. Her

8. Doppelleben